Often times when we are on the road to doing well distractions are gonna come about. Distractions are things, people and situations that gets on the way when we are trying to move ahead into something. Distractions can be both good and not so good. Distractions can delay the process in us becoming successful, and it can also help us pause when things are stressful; then once we’ve overcame that distraction we are able to move along at a smoother paste.

I myself always have many things going, I was able to narrow it down to just a few and finally get on the roll to get things done. I was exhausted as I’ve given myself deadlines in which we’re kind of unrealistic. This caused stress and I started to get distracted. For me the distraction was good; moreover a bit longer than I expected. I was finally able to get over my distraction and now I’m ready to move along and faster than ever. My suggestion to deadlines are to evaluate the situation as a whole and give yourself a realistic deadline, add some breathers in there and remember you are doing this for you!

Distractions aren’t always bad, we just have to stay on top of what’s for us.

Your distraction, your choice.

It’s Shalysa.


What’s for you, is for you

Often time we dread doing things we have always wanted to do because someone has already done it before we were able to get to it. If something is for you, it is for you. Do not let anyone stop you from doing what you want to do. If you want to open up a business, open that business! Its billions of businesses out in the world and tons of them sell the same things. When you have a passion to do something it should be nothing anyone can say or do to stop you.

For along time prior to me writing and publishing my first book, I dreaded writing books because I saw that a lot of people close to me and people I knew were writing books. I thought maybe this isn’t for me because my friend have done it , and maybe I shouldn’t do it because that person who I don’t know so well might feel like I’m copying her. The entire time I still enjoyed writing. One day I chose to put all of that aside and to pursue what I actually wanted to do. It was tough in the beginning but things got easy only because that was meant for me.

Now if its not for you, do not force it and try to do something you enjoy doing. Just remember despite of what others are doing. Do what makes you happy because what’s for you, is for you.


Its Shalysa


Stability is important and comes with all kind of benefits. I often times get upset at work and want to quit because I’m tired of doing the same thing, saying the same things and being around the same people but I also have to think of it as stability. A lot of jobs out here aren’t stabled ones, some jobs we have to accept along with looking for another one as we’re working. My job pays well, has great benefits(medical, dental, vision, 401k, tuition reimbursement) great shifts, advancements, raises, and bonuses. It’s when I think of all my job has to offer I begin to humble myself. I would rather wait until I get into a career I truly want, than to leave my job for one I’m unsure about.

This is for people who feel the same way I do about my job , with their jobs. Just weigh out your options and be mindful of the blessing you currently have especially if its stability. 

Happy Tuesday loves

It’s Shalysa


Be a winner. When you thrive to win their is nothing that can get in your way. Not a situation, no relationship, not a friendship will stop you. If your spouse loves you they will want to will along side of you, your friend will want what’s best for you and things will come together for you.

Winners find ways out of none, take risk most will not, and do all that can be done in order to get a step closer to the destination.

Don’t let anything or anyone stop you, is it’s what you want to do.. do it.

Steadily winning.

It’s Shalysa.


Yes I’m 24 and people like to say “you’re young you have your whole life ahead of you” or “you’re young you have time” 24 is young to you but not as young to me. To me 24 is the perfect age to be almost where I want to be because by 25 I will have it MOST together. 30? Oh I will be definitely be ALL IN. 24 might be too young to have heart problems, so that’s why I have health insurance. 24 is too young to have relationship issues , so I married at 23. 24 is too young to have a lot of children and to be struggling , reasoning behind me not going that route. 24 is young enough for the right things and the right age for me to be nearly successful.

It’s Shalysa

Happy New Year

It’s a new year, a fresh start, a chance to improve and enhance. We all don’t make resolutions in the beginning and that’s fine as long as we have plans to be further than we were last year. Ambitions people love to succeed so let’s all be ambitious and start NOW.

A few days before last year was out I did vision boards with my sister , my daughter and my nieces, and somethings I put on my board were definitely easily accomplishable and others are “you better work hard” and you can accomplish them, so this year I’m challenging myself to accomplish 90% of the things on my board, and you should do it too. If you haven’t made one it’s not too late and do not make it easy!

Set goals that will make you work hard and feel great about them in the end. Set goals that are going to lead you in a direction of other goals. Goals that will keep you so busy you forget about social media (unless social media is included in your craft). Goals that will keep you focused on what you have aligned and if it’s not that , it doesn’t matter. Make greater decisions this years and aim higher because I will.

Happy new year🎇❤

It’s Shalysa. 

Think about it…

We are society and what we won’t allow can’t possible stand long. As a unit we should stick together and go after what’s right. Society is against relationships and marriage. Why do you think it takes for you to be a “single mother” to get most benefits. They even have “single mother” scholarships. Are they saying in order to get a little help in life we have to be single mothers? That’s bogus to me. 
So what if we have to work a little harder to purchase groceries on our own as a family if they take away food stamps!! That’s teaching our children early “baby life doesn’t hand you things”. It’s reducing laziness and encouraging our youth to be strong adults as they grow older. 
We give up so easily as women. “Oh he didn’t do this” or “oh he did that” well did you talk to him ? Listen to him? Do you both have an understanding of each other ? If so, why not work it out? So every time something happen you’re gonna run off and “move on” ? Life will commit he to get tougher and it’s not degrading yourself it’s doing what you have to do as an adult and going against the statics by sticking by your mate and becoming the family that jealous people don’t want you to be.
As women from the beginning we have to have morals of course. That means protect ourselves first. If we know we want to one day become a family with someone. Ot doesn’t necessarily means give in and do what he wants. It means to let him earn you , grow to really love you so that in the event things happen it’s not hard for him to want to spend the rest of his life with you. Which will also go against what society wants from us and become a family.
This can reduce the high rate in “single mothers” and once the world understand how important it is to have a family maybe we’ll have more family related scholarships and governmental benefits will be for people who are really in need. 
Think about it… 

it’s shalysa !!