Be an opened ear…

Sometimes all a person needs is an ear; that’s in any situation. Engaging in conversation, we don’t always have to talk. Listening, we will get more out of the conversation…

Just like when we were in middle school the teacher always said “never begin a sentence with the word BECAUSE”, now if we’re listening in college we’ll know that their are many sentences started with because, we just have to know when and how to organize the sentence…

Listening doesn’t mean we lack knowledge , but it shows a sign of respect to our parents when we have nothing to say in return…(rather than talking back).

Listen; it’s way more healthier and we will grasp much more information that way… Try it today !

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Everything else follows

I’m a firm believer in YOUR CHILDREN comes first. You made the decision to have a child, so now it’s time to take care of your child. It’s not your mother, father, grandma, or aunt’s child. That’s your child. Your child comes FIRST, you go to school, and work around your child’s schedule. It’s great to have a father but NOT all men stand up so you have to be there to let your child know YOU ARE there through everything !!! A mother should NOT put anyone before they’re child, a mother should NOT be twerking on the Internet, a mother doesn’t give up , and as a mother if you can’t have fun without your child you shouldn’t want to have fun. It’s not east but for your children it’s worth it.

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Late nights

Nights like this I can’t sleep, I’m up thinking about what I should have accomplished by the end of the week. I have to stop, I need extra strength, I mean it’s not as simple as it looks…

I’m normal, I do normal things as you all do. If you can’t sleep I’m up with you. Anything you feel bad about ” WRITE IT DOWN, read it for the last time and THROW IT AWAY !!! ”

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Involve yourself in a good deed

Support plays a GIANT role in success. I know that because I have observed multiple situations where the support of an individual’s parents, family members, peers, or even people we barely know has helped in results of success. If you know someone that’s striving for greatness just let them know you are here to support them. Everything else follows.

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Some new friends…

I see why Drake said NO NEW FRIENDS

Your old friends, you KNOW them like the back of your hand. If they feel something you feel it too. When they call you you have an idea of what they are about to say. That’s your friend.

What if your heart is light and you’re just loving….

What if your old friends continue to be dishonest, and uninvolved ? They’re effort toward your friendship is constantly lacking, and to them it doesn’t matter if you stay or go..

So I don’t know Drake… It’s something to think about.

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be loyal, faithful follows.

Are you loyal?

Some of us claim loyalty because were faithful and that’s not always correct. You can be faithful but not loyal. Loyalty is being able to commit to a situation, and teach the situation with no regrets. You can do everything the correct way in a timely manner and that’s considered being faithful, which means you can be counted on. However, you may not want to do it. That may not be where you heart is at and that’s being un loyal. Being loyal means that you want to do something, it’s in your heart to do it, and that’s all you’re going to do. Loyalty means no looking back and everything else follows.

Be loyal considers you everything.
Giving you knowledge that was given to me in MY OWN words. #CWM

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Stay humble

I don’t expect things in life be easy but not as tough as they are. I’m a positive person, I’m nice, and always happy. Is this a test? Is this a lesson to be learned? Am I selfish and unappreciative from time to time? So many questions as to why it feels as if I’m staying right here. I try so hard I forget to eat. My body gets numb from the elevation of ambition that I contribute… Everyone’s saying be patient but patience bring about aggravation after a while. All I need is this one last move to make things great.

If you want something you have to work for it, and no matter the situation stay humble.

Shalysa has spoken..