About Shalysa

Im Shalysa. 24, with one son and one daughter. Growing up my dream was to become a pediatrician. My freshman year is high school my interest in beoming a children’s doctor decreased. I’ve always kept a journal for as long as i an remember. By the end of my freshman year in high school i’ve identified my interest in writing. My vocublary grew longer and stronger through the years and by the time i graduated from high school writing had to be what i’ve done most. Any situation came about, i turned to writing. My freshman year in college i studied journalism. I now write blogs, books, and recite poetry for fun. My peers make jokes of me becoming the next “Maya Angelou” I agree, though their’s no other woman as powerful with words as she is. Im now futhering my education in psychology as I now do online schooling to balance out my life as a wife, a mother, and an entrepreneur. Soon I will graduate again from college with my second degree.

Enjoy my blog
Thanks in advance
Shalysa Jones


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