Loyalty over history

You can be cool with someone for years and it’s called history. History doesn’t stop someone from feeling, thinking, or saying things and still being cool with you. History doesn’t stop them from going in and out of character, not living up to commitments, or even speaking to you daily knowing something’s wrong… but Loyalty over weighs history because you can just meet someone and they can be real with you from the beginning. Loyalty gives limits and it’s anti-negativity.

I have people who’ve been around me for less than a year whose more loyal to me than people who’ve been around for 10 or more years. That’s friends and family. I can grow apart from someone and still never give off things we went through or talked about, that’s loyalty!

Anyone can be loyal to you whether they are associates, friends, or family members and it’s not hard. Just be real with one as you would want them to be real with you. Loyalty speaks for it self, and out weighs history any day.

Don’t be afraid to grow apart from people and meet new people who are more like you. I rather one loyal person than a bunch of people whose been around for no positive reason.

I know this may have hit home and some people can relate but …it’s life

It’s Shalysa.


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