If it’s something you really want to do,focus on just that. Often times we get distracted by things that will not help us get to where we want and that causes a set back in our lives. It’s easy to get off track for some of us but for others we do anything necessary to do what we have to do.

I’m a person who is 89% focused and it’s something that has hindered me in the past. At times I’m so focused that no one in the world can redirect my attention but all it takes is for me to say “you need a break” and just like that I turn my own attention else where. So their were different ways I came up with to stay focused. I decided to write daily notes and quotes to myself regarding staying focused along with reasons why it’s extremely important. I’m a leader to my daughter and whatever I do she may feel it’s okay for her to do as well.

Create a way that’s easier for you to remain focused on your goals or whatever it is that you want to accomplish. Let’s see how well it works for you and I both.

It’s Shalysa !


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