Being Strong

Being strong,

When you are a strong person everyone feels as though you have everything under control and that you may never need help with anything. One thing about a strong person is that they can be strong for certain situations and for others some sort of assistance may be needed. Even strong people have a breaking point.

In a relationship your spouse may always see you as the strong one and in the event you call out to them for something physical or mental that you’re usually able to do alone they might not take it as serious.. they’re use to you making a away. This then brings other unintentional issues.

In a friendship you might be the go to friend, when everyone needs help you’re the one whose there to help and when you’re in need of the help everyone expects you to pull through on your own.

Strong people has weak points, so if you’re the strong person in these situations try to cut back more to be your own shoulder to lean on in these cases. If you’re a friend or spouse of a strong person try to be there for them more and know when to offer assistance without being asked to as that strong person is always there for you.

It’s Shalysa.




Often times when we are on the road to doing well distractions are gonna come about. Distractions are things, people and situations that gets on the way when we are trying to move ahead into something. Distractions can be both good and not so good. Distractions can delay the process in us becoming successful, and it can also help us pause when things are stressful; then once we’ve overcame that distraction we are able to move along at a smoother paste.

I myself always have many things going, I was able to narrow it down to just a few and finally get on the roll to get things done. I was exhausted as I’ve given myself deadlines in which we’re kind of unrealistic. This caused stress and I started to get distracted. For me the distraction was good; moreover a bit longer than I expected. I was finally able to get over my distraction and now I’m ready to move along and faster than ever. My suggestion to deadlines are to evaluate the situation as a whole and give yourself a realistic deadline, add some breathers in there and remember you are doing this for you!

Distractions aren’t always bad, we just have to stay on top of what’s for us.

Your distraction, your choice.

It’s Shalysa.