What’s for you, is for you

Often time we dread doing things we have always wanted to do because someone has already done it before we were able to get to it. If something is for you, it is for you. Do not let anyone stop you from doing what you want to do. If you want to open up a business, open that business! Its billions of businesses out in the world and tons of them sell the same things. When you have a passion to do something it should be nothing anyone can say or do to stop you.

For along time prior to me writing and publishing my first book, I dreaded writing books because I saw that a lot of people close to me and people I knew were writing books. I thought maybe this isn’t for me because my friend have done it , and maybe I shouldn’t do it because that person who I don’t know so well might feel like I’m copying her. The entire time I still enjoyed writing. One day I chose to put all of that aside and to pursue what I actually wanted to do. It was tough in the beginning but things got easy only because that was meant for me.

Now if its not for you, do not force it and try to do something you enjoy doing. Just remember despite of what others are doing. Do what makes you happy because what’s for you, is for you.


Its Shalysa


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