Stability is important and comes with all kind of benefits. I often times get upset at work and want to quit because I’m tired of doing the same thing, saying the same things and being around the same people but I also have to think of it as stability. A lot of jobs out here aren’t stabled ones, some jobs we have to accept along with looking for another one as we’re working. My job pays well, has great benefits(medical, dental, vision, 401k, tuition reimbursement) great shifts, advancements, raises, and bonuses. It’s when I think of all my job has to offer I begin to humble myself. I would rather wait until I get into a career I truly want, than to leave my job for one I’m unsure about.

This is for people who feel the same way I do about my job , with their jobs. Just weigh out your options and be mindful of the blessing you currently have especially if its stability. 

Happy Tuesday loves

It’s Shalysa