Happy New Year

It’s a new year, a fresh start, a chance to improve and enhance. We all don’t make resolutions in the beginning and that’s fine as long as we have plans to be further than we were last year. Ambitions people love to succeed so let’s all be ambitious and start NOW.

A few days before last year was out I did vision boards with my sister , my daughter and my nieces, and somethings I put on my board were definitely easily accomplishable and others are “you better work hard” and you can accomplish them, so this year I’m challenging myself to accomplish 90% of the things on my board, and you should do it too. If you haven’t made one it’s not too late and do not make it easy!

Set goals that will make you work hard and feel great about them in the end. Set goals that are going to lead you in a direction of other goals. Goals that will keep you so busy you forget about social media (unless social media is included in your craft). Goals that will keep you focused on what you have aligned and if it’s not that , it doesn’t matter. Make greater decisions this years and aim higher because I will.

Happy new year🎇❤

It’s Shalysa. 


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