Think about it…

We are society and what we won’t allow can’t possible stand long. As a unit we should stick together and go after what’s right. Society is against relationships and marriage. Why do you think it takes for you to be a “single mother” to get most benefits. They even have “single mother” scholarships. Are they saying in order to get a little help in life we have to be single mothers? That’s bogus to me. 
So what if we have to work a little harder to purchase groceries on our own as a family if they take away food stamps!! That’s teaching our children early “baby life doesn’t hand you things”. It’s reducing laziness and encouraging our youth to be strong adults as they grow older. 
We give up so easily as women. “Oh he didn’t do this” or “oh he did that” well did you talk to him ? Listen to him? Do you both have an understanding of each other ? If so, why not work it out? So every time something happen you’re gonna run off and “move on” ? Life will commit he to get tougher and it’s not degrading yourself it’s doing what you have to do as an adult and going against the statics by sticking by your mate and becoming the family that jealous people don’t want you to be.
As women from the beginning we have to have morals of course. That means protect ourselves first. If we know we want to one day become a family with someone. Ot doesn’t necessarily means give in and do what he wants. It means to let him earn you , grow to really love you so that in the event things happen it’s not hard for him to want to spend the rest of his life with you. Which will also go against what society wants from us and become a family.
This can reduce the high rate in “single mothers” and once the world understand how important it is to have a family maybe we’ll have more family related scholarships and governmental benefits will be for people who are really in need. 
Think about it… 

it’s shalysa !!


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