The road isn’t easy 

As we start to get older we understand that it doesn’t take a crowd to have fun, it doesn’t take a whole lot of money to to be happy, and it doesn’t always mean be hungry in order to eat. Wtbs. We live and learn, certain things people tell us because they care but it takes for us to still do what we were told not to in order to learn a lesson. 

As a 24 year old married mother I’ve gone through things and it’s nothing that I would ever regret. It’s just time I fix things that can be fixed and be sure that I make the correct choices moving forward, for my child and my family. 

It’s no book of life that lets is know when and how to do things so we walk by faith and support day by day. Often times we spend time wondering why certain things happened when we can wonder for two seconds and attempt to do better immediately after. 

So the year isn’t over yet and we have plenty of time to get on the right path to be deep into our success path by January. Why wait? Let’s start now. 

Continue being great,



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