don’t be defensive.

Often times were put in situations for others to benefit from. We may look crazy and wonder “oh why is this happening to me and nothing is coming out of it” it may be because you’re the messager, signals are being sent through you for someone close to you. Be open minded about the weird things that may go on in your life and if it’s unable to be fixed learn to work around it until you have come to a steep conclusion. 
No we are not gods, we may be super heroes to our children and the people that adore us but nevertheless we can’t stop what’s for us. You don’t know your level of strength until you have had to face real life situations. Changing is not always bad and it’s of us as adults to notice our lacking points in order to get things strictly together. 
Stop being defensive and let things flow.

It’s Shalysa👸🏽


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