Imposing dad. 

Thank you for always being here for my siblings and I. You created a balance when it came down to discipline which is making me who I’m becoming now as a woman. Thanks to your parents for birthing and raising someone with such a strong mind as you have. You’ve always created a safe atmosphere for us and for that I know no one will attempt to act up. Often times mothers get the most recognition due to the fact that they push the child out, and “take most responsibility” I personally can vouch for BOTH of my parents playing their parts through out the years and never stirring me into the wrong direction. You taught me how to have self-control, from managing money to taking care of myself health wise. You showed me that not even the sky is the limit and now i am able to do it on my own if I have to. I’m aware that we don’t have to give recognition for things that are suppose to be done however, I just want you to know that my siblings and I appreciate you❤️💪🏾 Awesome husband to my mom, and a substantial father to all four of your children. I love you dad. 
If you appreciate someone in your life, let them know along with letting it show. 
It’s Shalysa


Your success has no limit

No such thing as a life that’s better than yours. It’s always someone who feel the way that you do while going through much more than you are, which leaves reason why we shouldn’t base our success off of how others are doing. It limits us as people. 

It’s Shalysa.

Forceful Love❤️💪🏾

Ever loved someone so much you run out of words to express your love for them? Have you ever loved someone so much to the point where even when you’re not around them all you think of is them? Even when they upset you so baldy you still love them, a love that seems so unusual, so tense, and so pure. No matter the situation loving them is natural to do. A love that’s deeper than wave tides, stronger than novocain, and smoother than snoop? A love that’s never questions and one you’ll lay your life on the line for?
I love my daughter.😢❤️
Shalysa’s speaking👑