How can you love someone that’s hurt? Someone that’s focused on something totally different from you, someone whose worry is everything but you. Understanding that we all are human and we go through things however, understanding you and being submissive is causing a burden on me. So why care? Why even go on ? It’s like aiming for the target but missing every shot, it’s not worth taking anymore shots at. Then you have someone else sending you their whole heart, damn near pulling it out of their chest handing it to you…. But no because you’re concentrating on the person whose focus is elsewhere so you’re remember all of the bad that the person that loves you did in the past. It’s like do I stay or do I go? When I clearly have an option but I’m so worried about the person who loves me hurting me again and afraid that if I walk away from what’s stubborn it’s gonna hurt as well. So now I’m thinking like how is this gonna play out when in the end it’s all a waste because I come first regardless….. 
It’ll all weigh itself out.. 
It’s Shalysa ! 


Love or Like?

Like or Love
They say don’t choose like over love but sometimes like shows you everything LOVE did once before. Sometimes LIKE begins to feel like LOVE but like can be tricky because it’s not yet LOVE. Love has drug you through the mud and has given you its ass to kiss, when like is always there for you picking up loves slack and really to show you things love did before with enhancements. 
Like is great in the beginning, from understanding conversations to long sex drives. Like let’s you know that you don’t need love and that like it’s not currently hurting you. Like can sound something like a scam sometimes but you know how it is when you don’t look at the bigger picture but focus on what’s in front of you at the time.
Love is or was for sure. You put time in together and for some reason love disappoints you continuously. Love is the reason you turned to like. Love tries to assure you that it won’t happen again and that if you give it a second chance things will be better next time around. Love starts a war.
Like can also turn into love or be a waste of time, and love can just be trying to get back with you because you’re starting to love what you like. 
Love or like?