What’s a break?

A break can be getting away from something or someone that you may have been around too much. A break can be taking it easy and not doing as much of what you have been doing before or with the people you have done so much before with. A break is a chance to feel a relief from the headache and/or heartache that person or thing has caused. A break can be from your job, your spouse, family members, friends, or even from some hobbies. If it’s tiring you, take a break from it. Don’t ever allow yourself to feel overwhelmed. The break may get so good to the point where you may feel free to never go back to it. 😊
What’s a break?
It’s Shalysa❤️ 



Happy New Year.

I actually accomplished a lot in 2015. I published my first book, graduated from college and I also was able to finance a car I’ve always wanted. Those are just a few of many of my accomplishments and I’m just saying this to say that no matter the size of the accomplishment all that matters is that you work towards things and get them done. One thing I dislike the most is procrastinating. That is absolutely my pet peeve.!!
It’s ok if you didn’t have time this year, MAKE TIME NEXT YEAR. I have an overly active four year old who demands attention the entire time her eyes are open and I still manage to get things done!! YOU CAN DO!! It’s always been said that “someone where out there someone you don’t know is rooting for you” That someone is me. Start with creating a vision board. Some people like to do giant boards and cut out photos of things. I, myself used a piece of computer paper and different color ink pens to write the the actual words of things I plan to do in the approaching year. 
This year was a success, just don’t let another year go by you have the same thing on your next vision board. Let 2016 be your year of elevation!!!
It’s Shalysa !!