Hello from the day at we all like the least. The day that most of us dread getting up on. The day that starts all of the madness but threat that also starts a new beginning. It’s kind of tough to jump right into Monday’s because for so long it has seemed to be the longest day of the week. 
I was almost late to work this morning, I even went to sleep at a decent time last night, I thought to myself “is it just Monday’s that makes me feel like this? If so I have to come up with a plan” 
So after I was able to get out of the door this morning, driving myself to work I decided to come up with Plan that will motivate me to get up and through each day without dragging. I decided to motivate myself with something I care about the most. “If I don’t get up on time for work I won’t be able to keep my job which will cause worst in just about everything I have including taking care of my daughter”.
When we’re feeling like we can’t get up or don’t want to get up as a result from the fantastic weekend we had just think about the reason why you go to work in the first place and ask yourself is the dragging and procrastinating worth it? Most times it won’t be..
That’s my tip for today and enjoy the rest of your Monday.
It’s Shalysa


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