Stay focused 

Never easy please believe me often times it’s like an aggravating song on repeat. School, it feels like it’s taking FOREVER !! I’ve graduated from high school, graduated with my AS and immediately went back for my BA, why? because I majored I Human Services as it’s very broad and I can make a career out of it just about anywhere. I never stop going to school, through my pregnancy and even immediately after I birthed my beautiful daughter. It’s like at times I want to take a break but we all know that a break can possibly mean forever and I can’t do it. I mean I’ve never had to take prep classes it’s just the entire journey from taking pointless classes to me going from college to college and finally finding one that’s the best fit for me. For my daughter, for my family all together. I work, I’m working on my second book and I’m also a full time mother. I enjoy my life, just can’t wait for school to be over once I’m graduating with my phd in psychology. 

With all of this being said, I understand it’s tough sometimes but it will be all worth it in the end. Some of us ONLY goes to school and is still ready to be done. Everyone is moving at their own paste and as long as you base your life off of what’s best for YOU and no one else you will greatly succeed. 

Help me, help you to help me to stay on track. 

It’s Shalysa✍🏾


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