Don’t fall off

Hi everyone,

It’s Shalysa, I’m at work and I was sitting here thinking “how am I going to start something and pause it” As most of us know, I published my first book entitled Letters to my daughter in April of this year and it is doing well so far. I just want to say thank you for all of the support and to apologize for pausing. As a person who plan to be as successful as possible from this day forward I plan to be as consistent as possible. I believe in leading by example, I’ve made a commitment to my daughter and myself that I will post at least twice within a two week period and continue to promote my book. My second book will be coming out in 2016 which is not so far ahead and I will be sure to give updates as they come about. If anyone have any topics for me feel free to email me directly at Thank you all for staying great❤️

I promise not to fall off.  



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