happy Wednesday everyone, I’m not feeling my best this morning however; I’m never not in the mood to go out and take that extra mile. Come on we can all do it today. We might be going to work or school today .. Wherever  just be generous and tell someone how beautiful they are. It’s easier to smile anyway❤️ 

We can all do it. At least three people.

It’s Shalysa💎


Books books books !!!

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Shalysa L.Howard


i hope everyone had a great sleep and is up and starting their days. 

Well this morning at about 8:32 I awoke in an awesome spirit. I prayed and thought as the person I’m becoming I should make some great adjustments. Not that I’m a bad person or that I make terrible decisions but simply because God is doing many things in my favor and it’s now time for me to straighten everything that looks to be slanted in my life. 

Thank you for everything and I’m currently working to be the best. My book is now on Barnesandnoble ebooks for kindle and all major online bookstores and libraries !! “Letters to my daughter” by Shalysa La Shae Howard.

Your chosen author,

Shalysa 👑


As a person it’s only human nature to express yourself. Whether it’s through a phone conversation, text message, or through social media. A voice is designed to be heard as ears are for listening. Conversations can teach you different things and also varies based on the person we have the conversation with. Express yourself, start conversations.. Your big break is coming !!

Good evening,