Self Assess

How am I going to judge someone’s character when I’m not easy going 365 days of the year?

Who am I to tell my friend who to talk to and I’m not aware of who to talk to myself?

Why should I give my opinion on how my co worker assist her customers and how I assist my customers aren’t always so nice?

It’s impossible to speak poorly amongst anyone else if we clearly don’t have it all together ourselves.

Let’s self assess! Before we want to make a comment we have to check ourselves in the area of the comment that we are going to be presenting. If we’re not clear enough to approach ourselves about it , we should not be approaching anyone else. Being contradictive is not necessary for a situation as such. Think about your doctors, lawyers, and teaches. They only let us know what’s right and what we can do to address the wrong. They aren’t telling us about anything that they haven’t gone through.

So before we speak upon someone else let’s assess ourselves to make sure everything is in alignment.. Once we do that we will know that the comment that was going to be made.. Doesn’t even matter anymore !!

Good morning everyone ❤️
It’s Shalysa😙


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