Who am I?

Who am I to make you tell the truth? Who am I to make you of a loyal person? Where was I when your mother gave birth to you ? It’s up to me to stay down or keep it moving! When going through situations with people in your life you have to ask yourself questions. If you’re taking to your friend and they lie that’s fine. No need to make a big deal if you already know they lied. Think about it….
This isn’t the first time they lied and how I remained friends with them after that so what’s the difference now?

Speaking about loyalty .. Who died and made you god ? Why does anyone have to be loyal to you? I mean it is in fact the right thing to do but why drop someone because of a minor situation. If this case is as such we’ll all be friendless and lonely.

Have you ever took them time out to question yourself about why some one may lie or be disloyal with you? Maybe it’s your lack of caring or the way you approach situations.

Understanding life, everyday will be a challenge so keep moving forward. If it can be fixed, fix it. If something goes wrong , make it right !! Be fair ..



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