compared to who? Oh nooo

I’ve never been a fan of saying “I’m doing bad compared to other people” or mentioning “others” when I knowledge a situation involving myself. If we have a mind set as “compared to other people” we will be in the same position for a very long period of time. If we have individual that look up to us the confusion of comparing yourself to others will continue to extend. Trying to seise the confusion we are to do good and learn that their is always room for growth. comparing your self to others is a sign that you’re setting instead of pushing yourself to go further. Comparing yourself to other people is lack of confidence and it also shows your worth in which you categorize yourself. We’ve been doing it for a while now and it’s time that we set aside negativity and go harder. Don’t compare yourself to others let alone mention others in the your success sentences. It’s something to think about.

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Determine the difference.

Be aware of whose down for you and whose “on the low” against you. We worry so much about the people who we KNOW don’t like us and sleep on the people that’s busy trying to get close to us because they secretly don’t like us. Watch out for the people that ALWAYS seem to be competing with you. For example if you say something about what you like and they have so much to say about what they like instead of encouraging you. Watch out for the negative minded people who begins with “I’m not trying to be negative but…” Shut up !! You are being negative. A REAL friend will ALWAYS make positivity in ANY negative situation NOT sugar coding but helping you feel better while telling you what’s right !!! If you don’t like someone just don’t talk to them, playing up under them is considered NASTY.. 😕



Support plays a giant part in ones performance in any manner. How do you expect for a person to realize their strengths if someone they are close to is not their to witness what one has done? It’s impossible ! How are the weaknesses going to be recognized if someone whose familiar with you isn’t around to point them out to you. With no support eventually one will give up and feel as though they aren’t worth what they are going after. If you haven’t had support in the pass you should want to show support to prevent that further negative action. Support is everything, just think about your journey , whether you had support or not and how your situation turned out. Support is EVERYTHING.

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