A way of life..

During the past two years I’ve gone through many friendships. I’ve lost friendships that I greatly cherished and until this day if they would need me, I will be here for them.

Too many friends isn’t a good thing. You become perplexed. You start to tell one person something, then you feel as though they’re not much of a friend then you begin telling another “friend” something else.

As people, some times we just want to talk and we tend to approach the wrong “friends” with our issues. It’s interpersonal communication irreversible; in which if we’ve already told someone our business, we CANNOT take back the fact that we told them.

IF you have to have a friend, choose ONE or two.. Not too many more, you’ll lose that way.

Shalysa has spoken 🎤💋


thankful just because..

It don’t have to be thanksgiving for you to be thankful. You shouldn’t even have to receive anything to be thankful. Be thankful for being able to see another day. Start from the minor things because somewhere someone don’t have a portion of what you do.

Being thankful isn’t only a verbal thing, do a great deed, feed the homeless, give a few dollars to the poor, pick up trash on the ground around us… Make a difference.

If you have children , teach them to be thankful and they will grow up appreciating things and knowing the quality of it. If you don’t have children be an example for anyone under you.

We’re only thankful when we receive something and we seem to pray when were down bad. We should go to sleep and wake up praying no matter what has happened in the past. Be thankful just because…

Shalysa has spoken 🎤💋