anti-Negativity ..

People will support negativity but won’t give you one compliment when you’re doing something right. You can talk to someone with a boyfriend/ girlfriend and your “friends” are all in your ear supporting you. You tell them you want to be serious with that one person that has been waiting on JUST you and your “friends” don’t want to be involved. They support you sitting home doing nothing, and when you tell them you’ve decided to go to school and/or work they try to talk the opposite way.

Recognize who your real friends are and have NOTHING to do with negative people.

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Stay to yourself: You are all YOU have

When in life we tell our situations to people because we feel we just have to tell someone. A lot of times that’s not a great idea. We’re human and we’re going to feel like we have to tell someone so whatever we told one person they told one other person, so on and so on. The best way to solve the problem is to write it down. When writing something down you know that you’ve gotten it out, however; no one know about that situation.

People that try to bash you when you all fall out: are the people that has been hating from the gate, and couldn’t wait ..

You better watch what you say…

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Do what’s best for YOU

Everyone has an opinion, some of us look for advice for an option on a situation, and some of us are just clueless as what to do next…

No matter what advice we’re given do what’s best for YOU. I mean advice may sound so good you’ve made up your mind after receiving the advice, but in the end you’re going to fault the person for a bit of the outcome. It’s going to be hard but remember it’s YOUR situation and after everyone forgot about it you still have to deal with the situation.

Do what you what to do, NOT what others ask of you.

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If they’re talking, you’re doing something right.

It’s sad to say but for some reason people will always hate on other people. No matter how hard you try there will be someone out there that’s not going give you your props, there will be someone that’s going shorten your props and someone that’s going to ignore the fact that you are in fact doing wonderful. If you know you’re doing a fantastic job at what you do and people still find a way to talk negative, just know… You’re doing something right.

If they’re talking, you HAVE TO be doing something right

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What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

Each morning we awake we should be thankful for another Unpromised day. Life can help us feel beautiful, excited, and to the highest point ever. Life can also help us feel down, and low. Lower than we’ve ever felt before. It’s easier said than done “what doesn’t kill you, makes you STRONGER” and it’s actually true. Life can take you through so many things, you might even consider death, but in the end when you think about all you’ve gone through and you’re still standing… You are a better person, yet a stronger person.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you what you can’t do… ANYTHING is possible..

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Motivation it is..

Motivation, it can be anything and/or anyone. We obtain motivation off of the simplest situations. It can be something as petit as someone making a negative comment. A lot of negativity prompts us to go harder, that’s motivation. Motivation can also be as big as a child. Knowing you have someone that will be by your side, look up to you, and come to you for every single thing, you know you have to become successful in the end. Motivation is the world trying to hold you back and you find a way to get through it. With motivation you make anything hard look easy. If you have motivation you ignore your ears and focus on the biggest blessing that’s about to come before your eyes ..

It’s been a while; hope you all enjoyed my post. All questions, and comments are accepted.

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