Move along ..

There’s a lot of things in life that’s starting to make no sense, like you see the sun is out and still won’t get no tints… (that was an example)… it’s a way to explain how I feel about life, is it a right now feeling ? Or this is a forever feel about life?

Sometimes I awake thinking about how far I should have been right now, I know life has distractions but it’s not about me anymore. People are put in outlives for reasons, if you are a go getter people of that kind is whom you should stick with. Life is full of answers to unasked questions, stories of incoming authors, and movies of possible actresses and actors.. It’s not about what you’ve been through but where you’re going !!

Shalysa has spoken🎤👄


Happy New Years .. Heyyy 2014

It’s funny how one morning begins an entire new year. Some of us use this day to start over in trying to do everything correct, and others just don’t care… New Years to me means thinking about whet you do before you do it, leaving all negativity behind, and putting a lot more effort into what you know should be accomplished !! It’s a fresh beginning so why not take advantage?

Shalysa has spoken🎤💋