Oh how proud I am of you❀️

Have you ever cried tears of joy? Tears of admiration, tears of appreciation, tears to signify how proud you are of someone ?

Sometimes you’re so happy you start off crying, it takes courage to go through things in life however, to stick by the things you go through it takes strong individual.

Have you ever been so proud of someone all you could do it picture they’re success and all of the great things they’ve already accomplished ?
You always have that person in your life that you always knew would make it, and prove the world wrong without an explanation !!!

My best friend, my sister, she’s knows everything no matter how I felt about telling her, we barely gossip because she help me find that it’s wrong, I love you Keo’Andra and Tyrance as well 😘😘

Shalysa has spoken πŸŽ€πŸ’‹


Keep Pushing

Everyone reaches a point in they’re life where they feel they should just give up because something may become unbearable…

My response to people feeling that way: being tired of something is a mind thing.. You say “I’m tired of this” and your body will become TIRED.. Even when you hunk you can’t do something tell yourself “I CAN DO THIS , I WILL DO THIS” Think positive and KNOW that you’ve came too far to give up.. If you believe you will most certainly achieve!! If you’re success oriented you shall succeed ANYWHERE !

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It’ll only get better.

We choose the situations we are in during life.. Sometime we just want to run away from the situation but remain with the person that’s causing the situation. It’s a lot to it when the situation is constant and goes on … a repetitive pattern..

Visions of fire, ice, bats, and cars..
Thoughts of something’s you will regret.

We have to learn how to communicate, as adults things become easier but harder in other areas, we begin to understand more and what happened during those adolescence stages will be over looked. We have to forgive and work things out..

Reconstruct the situation , don’t run from it.. You will be happy in the end..

Be mindful
Shalysa has spoken πŸŽ€πŸ’‹