No comparison πŸ’•

Stop comparing yourself to other people. The things they do to get what they have may require more money, energy, or patience that you will ever have. Don’t compare yourself to them because the levels may be so high you would want to qualify.

Do not compare yourself to someone that doesn’t have as much as you either. May be they can’t afford what you have, maybe they don’t have the time to do what you did you get what you have.May be they don’t want what you have or they don’t agree with the decision you’ve made.

Stop being afraid to be yourself..
Shalysa has spoken πŸŽ€πŸ’‹

Comparing yourself to someone else won’t ever help you in life. It’ll only make you want to hurt yourself doing more, or settle for less. Make your own life choices for what you feel is right.


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