Happy thanksgiving !

Everyone has at least one thing they are absolutely thankful for. Though we should be thankful daily, today is the day that we give honor to the people that has been there for us. Not only do we give thanks to people but we shall be generally thankful for natural things as air, light, water, etc.

Being thankful shows appreciation and maturity. Appreciating someone for what they’ve done rather they volunteered to do it or not they deserve to be acknowledged ..

I’m thankful for everything from being able to see today to having a chance to be Sanai’s mother.. We all have different reasons to be thankful… What are your reasons ??

Happy thanksgiving

Shalysa has spoken..🎤💋


Put your ALL into it💪

Going through life you’re gonna come across negative people, people you aren’t so sure about , and positive people. I mean who said everyone had to be a match for you? If things were that way the world will be pointless.

Give it your ALL!! If you’re gonna try why not just DO IT ! Put your all into it. Don’t mind those negative people .. Use them as motivation. People you have to think twice about shouldn’t stand a chance because you should be able to adapt to them from the beginning. Positive people make a way out of NO WAY, positive people turn “oh no” into “absolutely YES!“. Positive people find every reason to smile and help others as well…

Put your ALL into it, it’s not about what happened it’s about what’s happening !!

It’s been a while
Shalysa has spoken..🎤💋

No comparison 💕

Stop comparing yourself to other people. The things they do to get what they have may require more money, energy, or patience that you will ever have. Don’t compare yourself to them because the levels may be so high you would want to qualify.

Do not compare yourself to someone that doesn’t have as much as you either. May be they can’t afford what you have, maybe they don’t have the time to do what you did you get what you have.May be they don’t want what you have or they don’t agree with the decision you’ve made.

Stop being afraid to be yourself..
Shalysa has spoken 🎤💋

Comparing yourself to someone else won’t ever help you in life. It’ll only make you want to hurt yourself doing more, or settle for less. Make your own life choices for what you feel is right.

A grudge will only harm YOU !

I let go alot of things, I acknowledged other things. I have myself together and I’m staying positive by ALL means.

Sometimes you hold thing on your heart unknowingly. You them wonder why you can’t look at someone and say something nice and actually MEAN IT. You also wonder why you’re not happy often. It’s because of your grudge. Turn a loose that grudge and forgive. You’ll love much smoother, life will even feel better.

Throw your past in the trash and don’t let your future pass.

Shalysa has spoken

Mommy’s baby❤️

For every ONE of my heartbeats yours beat twice , I love you more than Chinese people love rice, more than gamblers love dice, and illuminati sacrifice..

You mean EVERYTHING to me, I wouldn’t dare live without you.. could never sleep without you, you’re my body In and out too…

It’s been said that “the sky is the limit” but for us their is NO limit. Dreams of exceeding the sky and my capabilities are mysteries.. I love you Mommy’s genius ‼️❤️😝