Hypercritical …. Why?

Why is it that we write full page speeches on what others are doing that they shouldn’t and weeks later were doing what we felt others shouldn’t have done.

Hypercritical… Why?

DON’T call a woman un-fit if you plan to make similar actions with your child! DO NOT wear something you once said you will NEVER wear, and don’t say things you once said you wouldn’t.

Social media has a stabled focus, if you’re going to post what you would NEVER do on social media please stick with your words or you will NEVER be taken seriously !!

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Loyal friends

I love my friends. It’s a hand full of them but they’re loyal. They can come to me for advice and they give constructive criticism. All of them are different in they’re own ways. I see growth in all of them; well of course because they’re MY friends. We may have not approve of everything we do individually; however we agree to disagree. All of them let me know how inspiring I am and if I’m doing too much they stop me.. My friends are loyal and any prospective issue gets worked out well before hand.. My friends and has come a long way…

What about your friends? Can you say the same?

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It’s yours..

Don’t let your gift go astray, don’t pro long your gift, put it to use…. Own it. (Like Drake says)

Gifts are a talent that we have the maximum strength in, it’s an area where we know we will master. Why let it go to waste? Why pro long it? I have to ask my self these question all the time, I’m helping my audience to not make the same mistake. It’s your gift , and it’s not there for show but for SURE…

It’s yourssss…

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We need a difference !

The systems of the world are really unofficial, if they’re gonna investigate they should do it right and make sure all of the evidence are there to persure the case.

We have too many innocent individual that suffer with the death penalty, jail time , prison sentences, house arrest, and even probation because of an incomplete investigation.

We then have the real criminals walking around as if they’ve done nothing beating all cases. We have to be mindful that the world will only get worst with the traits that they continue to carry. They are not to be looked up to or honor for misleading behavior.

Education is important, maybe you will consider becoming an investigator , a lawyer, or a career in the criminal justice field to help get the ignorance off of the streets, free the innocent and to help make the world a better place as whole.

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Twenty one..

I’m not an average twenty one year old, I go through much more. At a time like this my mind starts to flood with different seberios of why and how did certain things happen…

Memories, memories I previously agreed to get rid of seem to have caught up with me… Why? Why do I have to go through situations at a time where in suppose to be an example?

In answered questions leave you wiry. I’m not an average twenty one year old, I’m a mother. A real mother. I put my child before any and everything ! NO, seriously I do. My child awakes to breakfast, I bathe her every single morning, wash her face , brush her teeth, and do her hair. I make her a cooked lunch and include a snack. When I pick her up from school I have food for her, I take her out, take her home bathe her , feed her, and tuck her in… So you see there’s no part time in my parenting…

I’m not an average twenty one year old, the club isn’t my life. I don’t drink alcohol neither do I smoke anything. I try to convince those I know that’s users of substance to make an extensive change.

I have dreams, I have to be someone … I have so much opportunity that’s it’s only natural for me to succeed….

I’m not average.. I’m well above it…
It’s my birthday !!

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Be an opened ear…

Sometimes all a person needs is an ear; that’s in any situation. Engaging in conversation, we don’t always have to talk. Listening, we will get more out of the conversation…

Just like when we were in middle school the teacher always said “never begin a sentence with the word BECAUSE”, now if we’re listening in college we’ll know that their are many sentences started with because, we just have to know when and how to organize the sentence…

Listening doesn’t mean we lack knowledge , but it shows a sign of respect to our parents when we have nothing to say in return…(rather than talking back).

Listen; it’s way more healthier and we will grasp much more information that way… Try it today !

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