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I’m a firm believer in YOUR CHILDREN comes first. You made the decision to have a child, so now it’s time to take care of your child. It’s not your mother, father, grandma, or aunt’s child. That’s your child. Your child comes FIRST, you go to school, and work around your child’s schedule. It’s great to have a father but NOT all men stand up so you have to be there to let your child know YOU ARE there through everything !!! A mother should NOT put anyone before they’re child, a mother should NOT be twerking on the Internet, a mother doesn’t give up , and as a mother if you can’t have fun without your child you shouldn’t want to have fun. It’s not east but for your children it’s worth it.

Shalysa has spoken..


Late nights

Nights like this I can’t sleep, I’m up thinking about what I should have accomplished by the end of the week. I have to stop, I need extra strength, I mean it’s not as simple as it looks…

I’m normal, I do normal things as you all do. If you can’t sleep I’m up with you. Anything you feel bad about ” WRITE IT DOWN, read it for the last time and THROW IT AWAY !!! ”

Shalysa has spoken