nerves… My daughter’s first day of school

I awoke extra early, nervousness rolled over from last night because of the things I had to encounter today.I dressed Sanai quickly, jumped in the shower and then dressed my self.

The drive to her school seemed shorter than ever. I prayed before we walking into “A Bright beginning”. Sanai walked in her class happy and as I walked out she cried, I held my tears until I got in the car. We’re used to each other, were used to being around each other all day and every single day. Sanai is brilliant and she has to be around other children. It’s a great sacrifice and I’m willing to prepare her.

… But that’s not it, as I drove off to approach my interview my heads started sweating until they were numb, my heart raced, and my head pound. I was drowned with nervousness. As I got closer to my destination I decided to grab breakfast. The breakfast helped me calm down quite a bit. I sat in the parking long as I arrived fifty five minutes early and ate my food. I’m now in the lobby waiting… With ALL positive energy in me I’m smiling and praying to god everything goes correct !

To be nervous is okay at times, just stay confident and have faith !

Shalysa has spoken..


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