never enough..

You’ve been though it all so little things shouldn’t bother you. It should be nothing compared to what you’ve gone through in the previous past.

It’s crazy how it seems as nothing stops. I mean it slows down a bit but has never came to a complete end. Why do we act one way and say the opposite of how we feel..

Their are gonna be nasty people in life. Some of them are in the same house hold as you are in. You do everything to prevent conflict and that person… That person’s full of anger and selfishness.

You can’t hold that in your heart because you never know what that person been through as to why they act like that. Maybe they were raised wrong, or they still wish they can turn back the hands of time. It’s frustrations, envy, and patience…

Someone’s ALWAYS out to steal your joy. Just keep going… It’s much more to the world than you’ve experienced so far.

Shalysa has spoken


One thought on “never enough..

  1. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; but through whatever misfortune you may encounter, whether you may seem a little discouraged or are experiencing a drained/tiredsome feeling, you are definitely worth a bright future. It’s tagged, keep going..

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