I miss you

I thought that something like this would get better with time, but it seems as if its getting worst. The harder I go the easier it is for my feelings to burst. I’m hurting to feel that your presents is not here on the other hand it feels good to know the reasoning behind everything. Being use to awaking to your face and for it to have to come to this, it’s an odd feeling. Very weak emotions like a stepped on ant. I can only continue to pray and work towards it so that you soon be my way. You’re my friend when no one is, I love you Vincent.

When you’re so use to someone being around you all day everyday, it’s hard to bare life missing even a single day without that person. It’s an empty feeling, a mad for no reason feeling. It’s nothing good all together.

…. and then their is my daughter to help me forget about anything under the sad topic.

Shalysa has spoken.


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