Listen.. It can only help

The real world is tough. That’s why listening to our parents, teachers, and positive peers can be useful.

When our parents tell us things, it’s only because they will hate to see us fail as an adult. As much as they wouldn’t mind helping us we have to grow up and take our very own responsibilities.

Our teachers are trained to educate us with knowledgable information that our parents probably can not. Not saying our parents aren’t as educated as teachers, however teachers are advanced with present knowledge that parents may not be notified of.

Our peers, it’s good to take notes from your peers. Especially one that has been through much more than you have. It’s not that they “know it all” but more of them being the same age as you are but has accommodated a bit more both mentally and educationally. It’s great to get opinions from some one that sees things from a different aspect.

Listen, it won’t hurt. It’s only to help you from here on out.

Shalysa has spoken.


I miss you

I thought that something like this would get better with time, but it seems as if its getting worst. The harder I go the easier it is for my feelings to burst. I’m hurting to feel that your presents is not here on the other hand it feels good to know the reasoning behind everything. Being use to awaking to your face and for it to have to come to this, it’s an odd feeling. Very weak emotions like a stepped on ant. I can only continue to pray and work towards it so that you soon be my way. You’re my friend when no one is, I love you Vincent.

When you’re so use to someone being around you all day everyday, it’s hard to bare life missing even a single day without that person. It’s an empty feeling, a mad for no reason feeling. It’s nothing good all together.

…. and then their is my daughter to help me forget about anything under the sad topic.

Shalysa has spoken.