you’re not better than anyone.

You have a job, you have a your own home, you have a car, and extra money? Wait but that makes you better than everyone? Are you sure?

Don’t look down on anyone. Stop feeling as if you’re better because what you have out weighs all that someone else may have.

You see how fast it took you to come up? Well guess how much faster it can be taken away..

Shalysa has spoken


Keep your word

You tell your friend, sibling, or a family member you’re going to do something.. Do it !! Don’t last minute things and just up and say “oh I can’t do it”.

Be professional about things, be considerate of people’s dependability, and know your place when owning up to what you’ve stated.

If you’re not trustworthy, admit it. Don’t take offers and please do not suggest anything !

Keep your word
Shalysa has spoken


Diets, okay my opinion on diets is basically to eat correctly, drink alot of water, walk, and work out !!

Yes, workout. We should never have to get surgerys or take pills to diet. A diet should be strictly healthy procedures and working outs, walking, eating correctly, and drinking plenty of water will get any job done.

Then if you see no results that’s your Q to just live life and realize that’s who you are and deal with it.

My opinion, Shalysa has spoken.

Take risk..

Take risk, try something new, experience life.. If its going to make you better ! Do what ever it takes to both make you happy and better yourself.

If a friend disagrees oh well STILL GO FOR IT and when you conquer what you’ve aimed for you just look back at your friend.

If you’re aiming for success, everyone around you should me aiming for success. Don’t be scared to take risk, try new things, and remember to go what’s going to better YOU !