It’s nothing like your own.

Women that’s attracted to men that’s in a relationship viceversa are women of premature mind frames. You have to be a weak individual to want someone that’s already in a relationship. You see how he hold her in pictures, how romantic they’re kisses are and yet you want him. Oh you like the attention he gives her on social net works? Just imagine how he treats her in person. Oh he likes you? But you SEE he’s still with her! All of that trying will only get you hurt. He will NEVER leave her no matter what he’s telling you. So do them both a favor a find YOUR OWN MAN. Their’s fifty states, seven planets, and over a million people and you mean to tell me you’re aiming for a man that only wants to play with you? Get your life sweetheart.

This is for that friend that just won’t leave those women man alone. If your friend doesn’t understand send her this post.

Their isnt anything like your OWN

Shalysa has spoken


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