I get lonely too

Those who have faith in you sometimes go astray..

Is it me or it seems as though everyone has given up on me. Either they met new people, couldn’t take the truth, or even just stop believing in me. Their are nights i feel the urge to just cry but even then i refuse to give up. Sanai is my motivation and though i feel most of the people i were close to betrayed me noone amounts to the ambition that Sanai bring about..

This isn’t for anyone to feel sorry but to simply let you know I get lonely too. Nothing happened for me to write this but I feel I should let you know when you feel your entire life has flipped, and you have noone THINK AGAIN because god is always by your side.

Though Sanai’s emotion isn’t that strong, god empowers her to be stronger than a bulldozer… That’s why theirs no questioning about my love for you Sanai…


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