Lets correct each-other.

It’s funny how the world goes around in different directions multiple speeds and from weird angles. Why is it that we put each other down when we’re struggling but we praise individual that’s already “at the top” it’s easy to look down but why not take that extra step to look up? Just like everyone is popular when they’re deceased. We get tshirts chains and even tattoos but when they were alive we wouldn’t loan them one dollar out of one hundred. Just like when people go to jail at the beginning we’re like FREE them, then we forget ….when they’re out we act as if we were holding it down. We as a whole have to correct eachother. We’re on sicial network LIKE’n pictures because of “who the person is” and NOT because of how the picture looks. So what her shoes are Gucci!! She better save them because ten years from now she’ll be NOBODY while the people we lease praise wouldn’t care about a praise.

Lets do better

Shalysa has spoken


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