Know your worth.

Know your worth, don’t let anyone put you down because their funds exceeds yours. Don’t even give anyone the feeling that you need them or they’re better than you because of what they can do. You don’t give anyone power into them believing they have the right to look down on you because YOU’RE ONLY IN CONTROL OF YOU! NOONES too good to get a job and get they’re own money, if you can go to school GO and FINISH at the same time don’t depend on anyone. Learn responsibilities. Prioritize, and get your money the correct way. If you have children GET A JOB FIRST and school will follow. A child don’t ask to be birth so YOU BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILD ! If you only have YOU, don’t be ignorant SAVE because one day you will need it ! BELIEVE in The Lord and what he has set forth for us. Ignore ignorance, accept flaws and understand that we aren’t perfect. STOP looking at people that has more than you and saying how you wanna be just like them and Be BETTER. If they’re getting money wrong pray for them and get yours right. Nothing negative lasts forever and be yourself. It’s not about what’s going on now but what you will become in the future. No person has Power so stop letting them feel like it. If you’re in a abusive relationship GET OUT because that person doesn’t love you !! They only wants to control you. If you feel unloved you are unloved. Don’t let a human bring you down because we’re all of one worth !!!

Shalysa has spoken.


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