lets respect each-other, everything else follows!

Women should empower each other instead of being so hateful and envious of one another.. if we don’t respect each-other men will feel the right to disrespect us also. Women have to stick together to cease tragedy and identify reality. Envious is considered being jealous and a jealous heart produces a hatful heart. Hatful is evoking or deserving hatred, and characterized by malice.

Empowering each-other can help build self-esteem, friendship, and even help us feel better as women. Ladies it shouldn’t take for you to go through something terrible to come together, lets just do it now!

Shalysa has spoken


One thought on “lets respect each-other, everything else follows!

  1. Right, I constantly remind myself of this, for the simple fact that as females we should all stand up for one another, you know, like a sisterhood. I mean, yeah, it can get extremely difficult and a little discouraging because of the way some women/girls tend to carry themselves. I rather think of their lack of self-respectfulness as a way of them not knowing their true worth, and to correspond with this is one of my favorite quotes by Malcolm X in which he said, “Don’t be in such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn’t do what you do, or think as you think. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.” So truthfully, we have no place to condemn, redicule, or even judge someone based on their unconsciousness because for one, that’ll make us hypocrites; besides who are we to judge others and to label females with derogatory slurs? As females we have A LOT to face. For example, there’s feminism, most importantly as you can see, women in the 1860’s had to stand up for each other and form an activist group because if you leave it up to men, which the United States were established upon, we aren’t equal to them. If you leave it up to men, females are only to be regarded as objects. Also, there’s the fear and risk of us being raped along with having to deal with the cruelty of rape culture. Lastly, there’s the misogynistic men we have to face. So like, yeah, in conclusion, we really have to stand up for one another because women’s hatred for one another really does reflect women as a whole and surely enough, the ones who weren’t taught to cherish women will pick up on this thinking it’s acceptable yet without us………………………………

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