It’s nothing like your own.

Women that’s attracted to men that’s in a relationship viceversa are women of premature mind frames. You have to be a weak individual to want someone that’s already in a relationship. You see how he hold her in pictures, how romantic they’re kisses are and yet you want him. Oh you like the attention he gives her on social net works? Just imagine how he treats her in person. Oh he likes you? But you SEE he’s still with her! All of that trying will only get you hurt. He will NEVER leave her no matter what he’s telling you. So do them both a favor a find YOUR OWN MAN. Their’s fifty states, seven planets, and over a million people and you mean to tell me you’re aiming for a man that only wants to play with you? Get your life sweetheart.

This is for that friend that just won’t leave those women man alone. If your friend doesn’t understand send her this post.

Their isnt anything like your OWN

Shalysa has spoken


I get lonely too

Those who have faith in you sometimes go astray..

Is it me or it seems as though everyone has given up on me. Either they met new people, couldn’t take the truth, or even just stop believing in me. Their are nights i feel the urge to just cry but even then i refuse to give up. Sanai is my motivation and though i feel most of the people i were close to betrayed me noone amounts to the ambition that Sanai bring about..

This isn’t for anyone to feel sorry but to simply let you know I get lonely too. Nothing happened for me to write this but I feel I should let you know when you feel your entire life has flipped, and you have noone THINK AGAIN because god is always by your side.

Though Sanai’s emotion isn’t that strong, god empowers her to be stronger than a bulldozer… That’s why theirs no questioning about my love for you Sanai…

Lets correct each-other.

It’s funny how the world goes around in different directions multiple speeds and from weird angles. Why is it that we put each other down when we’re struggling but we praise individual that’s already “at the top” it’s easy to look down but why not take that extra step to look up? Just like everyone is popular when they’re deceased. We get tshirts chains and even tattoos but when they were alive we wouldn’t loan them one dollar out of one hundred. Just like when people go to jail at the beginning we’re like FREE them, then we forget ….when they’re out we act as if we were holding it down. We as a whole have to correct eachother. We’re on sicial network LIKE’n pictures because of “who the person is” and NOT because of how the picture looks. So what her shoes are Gucci!! She better save them because ten years from now she’ll be NOBODY while the people we lease praise wouldn’t care about a praise.

Lets do better

Shalysa has spoken

Know your worth.

Know your worth, don’t let anyone put you down because their funds exceeds yours. Don’t even give anyone the feeling that you need them or they’re better than you because of what they can do. You don’t give anyone power into them believing they have the right to look down on you because YOU’RE ONLY IN CONTROL OF YOU! NOONES too good to get a job and get they’re own money, if you can go to school GO and FINISH at the same time don’t depend on anyone. Learn responsibilities. Prioritize, and get your money the correct way. If you have children GET A JOB FIRST and school will follow. A child don’t ask to be birth so YOU BE THERE FOR YOUR CHILD ! If you only have YOU, don’t be ignorant SAVE because one day you will need it ! BELIEVE in The Lord and what he has set forth for us. Ignore ignorance, accept flaws and understand that we aren’t perfect. STOP looking at people that has more than you and saying how you wanna be just like them and Be BETTER. If they’re getting money wrong pray for them and get yours right. Nothing negative lasts forever and be yourself. It’s not about what’s going on now but what you will become in the future. No person has Power so stop letting them feel like it. If you’re in a abusive relationship GET OUT because that person doesn’t love you !! They only wants to control you. If you feel unloved you are unloved. Don’t let a human bring you down because we’re all of one worth !!!

Shalysa has spoken.

Consider traveling

out of most of my acquaintances I’ve always been the one to stand out. Growing up in school we’ve always asked our friends about they’re parents and the relationship status between the two. Every time I would response with “my parents are MARRIED” they will give me feed back like WHAT? I got it so much I started to wonder how two people could be together for so long. Marriage requires a lot of time, loyalty, and pleasure. All of that can be wrapped up into vacations. Vacations are one of the BEST ways to maintaining a healthy relationship. Vacations can also help your relationship grow in various ways. Vacations are made for you to get away from your job, the city you live it, and maybe even to get away from your children. Vacations are created for relaxing and stress free days. Quiet and peaceful nights. Vacations can start off with driving vehicles, flying in an airplane or even traveling by a giant ship. Consider vacations !! It’ll turn possible break ups into everlasting make ups and look NO further because ๐Ÿ‘‰ Travel by Shaiy ๐Ÿ‘ˆ can fulfill your traveling dreams. ๐Ÿ’‹

For trip planning see twitter or Facebook and once again that’s TRAVEL BY SHAIY !

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lets respect each-other, everything else follows!

Women should empower each other instead of being so hateful and envious of one another.. if we don’t respect each-other men will feel the right to disrespect us also. Women have to stick together to cease tragedy and identify reality. Envious is considered being jealous and a jealous heart produces a hatful heart. Hatful is evoking or deserving hatred, and characterized by malice.

Empowering each-other can help build self-esteem, friendship, and even help us feel better as women. Ladies it shouldn’t take for you to go through something terrible to come together, lets just do it now!

Shalysa has spoken

it’s not a race, love at your own paste.

Stop comparing your relationship to other relationships you may THINK you know! You don’t know what goes on in other relationships. People may seem happy but may not be as happy as they seem. It’s only human to go through things and what would a relationship be like if we didn’t go through things?

Stop comparing how other men buy they’re woman things to the way your man get yours. You don’t know what they do to get that money. Stop trying to move at the same paste as others because they may have they’re things just a little more together than you do. How they treat each other in their relationship may be different from they way you guys treat each other. He takes care of her? So what, I’m sure she’s paying for it. You just continue meeting him half way and accept the whole respect.

Shalysa has spoken