Committed people are thieves.

why lead yourself on to someone that you will NEVER have entirely? DON’T date a married man/woman. Honestly I feel, no matter what they tell you DON’T DO IT. After they mentioned “im married” NOTHING else after that should matter. No, we can’t be friends. We can’t even see eachother anyone. Married people are technical thiefs. If you’re involved in a married individual you’re losing, and being robbed. A married person mind is set up as “I have you, but you DON’T have me” they help you fall in love but in the end they’re WITH THEY’RE HUSBAND/WIFE ! They’ve USED you. Don’t get involved with them and to call yourself falling in love you’re humiliating your whole life !

Just start off by going for your own man/woman. If you’re aware of someone in a relationship just save yourself the stress, ignorance, and tears. Don’t condone yourself into that. Intruding in regular relationships leads to being a victim of a married man because no matter what you may THINK he’ll never leave his wife and if he do trust me, he will do the SAME THING to you !

If he was your ex, LET HIM BE YOUR EX.. the example of what you don’t ever want again.


Shalysa has spoken🙊


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