All over that .

You’re an awesome person, anything a friend needs you’re there for them. Help? You over do that ! You feel down when you can’t do it but when you get back on your feet you pay that all off! You don’t compete though you’re beautiful you’re not too conceited. Positive criticism only because you’re not judgmental. Ambitious thoughts because you’re trying to make it. When they don’t believe in you, you still believe in YOU! Anything, you’re on it! If its for your child it’s BY ANY MEANS you’ll get it SCRATCH THAT about your child, the child will NEVER go without. When they need to talk, you’re an ear.
Feet hurt, you’ll find a way. When noone else sees you’re that ONLY eye.

but when you need just a shoulder to cry on WHERE ARE THOSE PEOPLE?! People you think is there for you most times they’re not.

Shalysa has spoken


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