they paved ways, so why not continue the way?

Our ambition isn’t as strong as it was during the 1930s-1950s. They digested racism and was treated like trash for the majority of they’re lives. To be spit on because you spoke your mind wasn’t a fair thing but for some ignorant reason blacks had no say so.

I adore Jackie Robinson for being humble in his own way. He put up with alot of trash being talked but he’s a very strong man. To be the only African American man on a baseball team full of Whites he stood his grounds. He got his job done to support his family and also because baseball was his passion. We as young African American slack, after knowing what went on we should go out and make something of ourselves.

Fredrick Douglas paved the way for us to read and write. Without Fredrick as a young brilliant slave in his days we could still be struggling for an education. Fredrick was and always will be an astonishing man.
What’s social networks , video games , and even mobile devices without an education? You have to have prior knowledge to learn how to conduct those electronic items.

My all time favorite person. Maya Angelou; Maya encouraged young ambitious writers, author, and poets to continue on they’re writing journeys. Maya helped us understand that it’s a way of letting out emotion and all at once you can be someone through what you like to do !

Most importantly we have Dr.Martin Luther King Jr who help identify the racism ignorance. He fought for our current freedom. He declared speeches and not war. Dr.Martin was a magnificent African American male who knew that one day both blacks and whites would get along. Dr.Martin stood up for his rights and because of his rights he is now deceased.

There are many other African Americans we should really appreciate for what they’ve done for us to be where we are now today.

Think about it as if we were alive back then. We all say what we “would have” done but THINK about what they conquered for us to be able to play sports, learn, and to be set free. These people are amazing and we are too, lets just put they’re worth to use!!

Shalysa has spoken🙊🎤💋❗


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