“The Struggle” ❗

the struggle has no particular individual it aims for. You can be young, mid-age, or even old involved in the struggle. The struggle is when you feel everything has come to an end and it’s too hard to bare life.
As young people most of us look at the struggle as struggling FINANCIALLY ONLY. That’s obviously a branch that’s considered the struggle however, the struggle has other branches as medically, mentally, or even emotionally.

When we say we’ve derived the struggle financially means that their are NO funds avalible from anywhere. Medically struggling is when we’re sickly and no medicine in the world will cure the sickness. Mentally struggling can be when someone’s done something wrong to you to change your entire view on life. Nothing and no one can do anything to get you back happy. Emotionally struggling is when maybe someone close to you has passed and you can’t get over the fact that they’re gone, you tend to thrive on the pass as if things are going to change.

During all struggles turn to god, he’s here to help not only me but you too. Pray when you awake and thank god for breath.

Their are many ways of the struggle and many more ways to get over your struggle !

Shalysa has spoken🙏💋🎤❗


2 thoughts on ““The Struggle” ❗

  1. Really appreciate this post because there are actually some people out there who thinks struggling only falls in one category. Not sure if you’re able to edit but there’s two teeny typos. In the first sentence, “no,” I struggled on that one my damn self lol :/ and “there,” in the last sentence. Btw, hope you’re enjoying your day!

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