You’re NOT over him yet if you get mad at what you see. You’re not over him if you stalk his ig, FB, and twitter. You’re not over him if you “hate” him. Posting that ONE throw back Thursday picture of y’all two years ago, you’re not over him. If its been a while and you still don’t talk to anyone, you’re not in a relationship, and you don’t like anyone, YOU’RE NOT OVER HIM! You see it’s been a few years he’s been happy with HER, MOVE ON ! You’re only hurting your self over something that’s GONE, GET OVER HIM!

If you see them in public and you’re able to speak without being phony, saying anything negative, or feeling some kind of way, you’re OVER him. You don’t hate him, you thank him for what you’ve gone through .. You’re over him. You’ve moved on and been through this situation again after HIM, YOU’RE OVER THEM!

Men are our weaknesses and years don’t mean a thing, as fast as you got him he can be gone quicker.

Be mindful ladies, stay smart ladies

Shalysa has spoken 🙊🙏🎤❗


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