Take deep breaths…

Have you held something in from a family member or a close friend, and you’ve been trying to figure out how to tell them? It’s almost as if its eating you alive thinking about it. Then you’re afraid of what that person may think? Yes! I know the feeling. Just take a deep breath and write them a letter. If that person is true to you the letter will only make you both better. Holding things in is unhealthy.

If that person loves you they will understand, or even try to understand. Think positive ! Your friend only want what’s best for you and it’s your duty to let them know everything to help yourself out also. Holding things in can cramp up stress in your body. Stress can provoke either gaining weight or extreme weight loss, grey hair, and even sickness to your body. Exhaling and telling that person can help you feel relieved no matter the consequence. If your friend doesn’t understand it simply means that they wasn’t your friend from the beginning.

Don’t hold things in, it’s unhealthy

Shalysa has spoken 📺🙏💋❗


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