time waits on no-one.

As a mother im very engaged. Between being a full-time mom, going to school and blogging, working and doing hair, cooking, cleaning and maintaining my family, things get a little tense. Through the entire mother process I’ve learned that time waits on no one and it can get too late. Time matters in every situation, and in a mothers situation you should spend time with your child. No matter the age , time should be spent in order to get to know your child. Knowing what makes your child happy, knowing what you can do to prevent your child from being angry, knowing your child’s strengths and weaknesses is considered being an alert parent. Being an alert parent is accommodating great parent skill entirely.

Time counts in relationships also. If you don’t spend time things will quickly decay. In a relationship you’re partially commited to your spouse until you both call it quits. Therefore you should spend time as much as possible. Spending time accommodates conversation where you can get to know a lot more about each other. Knowing a lot about your spouse can avoid confrontations. Knowing about each other can also help you both have fun. Relationships aren’t easy but conversation can make relationships a lot less harder. Time counts and remember it can get too late.

Time waits on no one

Shalysa has spoken 🎤💋❗


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