check your loyalty! are you what you speak upon?!

Loyalty means remaining TRUE no matter what ANY guy tell you. Loyalty means your FRIEND over that guy and if I’m your friend I’ll understand the relations with that guy. If you’re loyal your friend NEVER feels alone throughout your friendship. Loyalty is keeping the same domineer dealing with both parties of friends. If you have multiples, you don’t act to switch when one comes about. Loyalty is unconditional love between person to person, grasping emotions in which one OVER-stands the other.

Notwithstanding, Loyalty isn’t to portray your feelings, it isn’t considered choosing sides either. Loyalty isn’t holding a feeling in from a friend in which you feel should have your full trust. Loyalty isn’t putting off something because of the lack of dependability in yourself!

Loyalty starts from the home to the work places and ends in school. You have children? Give them your up most loyalty, a job? Be on time and complete all task.. that’s being loyal to your work place and you’ll identify major respect. School? Go above and beyond to get the best grades possible, be loyal to your work and your degree will accommodate your loyalty!

Loyalty isn’t only for the night but for FOREVER.

Shalysa has spoken💋📺🎤📰💭


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