what’s your title as a female parent? (Baby mama vs. MOTHER)

A baby mama is a GIRL. A girl thats no example for her child. A girl of confusion. A girl whose been hurt in the past and has not forgiven. A baby mama is a girl of misery and hopes upon all negativity. A baby mama is one who doesn’t understand the meaning of “it’s over” . A baby mama is a girl that feels theirs no one else out there for them, a girl who tries to make other females life miserable because of their previous situation. You will know a babymama’s entire life story because they feel they have something to prove the world. A baby mama is a girl that ONLY CLAIM ambition. A baby mama uses profanity towards her child’s father wanting for attention. A baby mama holds their child against their father. Even if the father doesn’t things a baby mama is unapprective and ungrateful. A baby mama says things like “I will never let y’all be happy” A speaks on deadbeats. A baby mama gets mad at the struggle and feel that they shouldnt respect anyone. A baby mama leaves their child with any and everyone just to go happy they’re own fun. A baby mama talks about how much they don’t need they’re child’s father but financially they NEED THAT MAN. A baby mama lacks period.

A mother is a woman no matter her age range. You won’t know a mothers story until the end of her story. A mother skips the struggle. A mother prioritized correctly. A mother is there for her child even if the dad lacks. A mothers holds herself accountable for all actions. A mother makes it with or without her child’s father. A mother is beautiful both inside and out. A mother will provide for her child before she eats. A mother is a woman that makes way out of No way. A mother KEEPS CALM. A mother doesn’t need a man to complete her but she attracts genuine men. A mother keeps her children happy and work until all requirements are met. A mother doesn’t care about what others think or may say. A mother moves on with her life after understanding her child father’s lack. Mothers create future entrepreneurs(Shaiy Howard), professional world-wide hair stylist(K.Coleman,Shay, Queisha, Maya, Kwanedra,Crystal etc.) authors(T.Thompson, Shalysa), outstanding athletes(T.Howard, Duke, M.Lewis,Black) clothing designers(Tonka, Mookie, Precyous,etc.) and phenomenal rappers( Marc, Raymond, Lavares, Jarvis etc.) mothers don’t give they’re child everything they want but all that they NEED. Mothers understand that wants are unnecessary and all those wants can go towards bills. A mother is a woman of positivity. A woman’s everything !

So there are your choices ladies..

Shalysa has spoken!


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